The book seeks to offer lesser known facts and anecdotes about the extraordinary personality who in search of an anti-British alliance sought to establish links with Germany at a time when India was struggling hard to achieve freedom.

This collection by some of his biographers, his daughter Prof. Anita B. Pfaff; Rudolf Hartog, who served as an interpreter for Hindustani in the Indian Legion, and was one of the last three Germans to witness its end; Madan Gopal's interview of Abid Hasan, who accompanied Subhas in the submarine from Kiel to South-East Asia; Prof. Krishna Bose, a former member of Lok Sabha and currently Head of Netaji Research Bureau; eminent scholars Johannes Voigt, Anton Pelinka, Romain Hayes and Kothar Günther; and Ambassador Satinder K. Lambah who served as India's Ambassador to Germany (1995-1998) seeks to present a complete and interesting portrait of the man and the times.

About the Editor

Anand Singh Bawa is Honorary Secretary, Federation of Indo-German Societies in India, New Delhi.

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