FIGS was established in the year 1971. The principal objects for which it was established are, inter alia:

  1. To strengthen the existing friendly relations between India and the Federal Republic of Germany;

  2. To promote and develop relations between India and the Federal Republic of Germany in literary, cultural, social, commercial and industrial fields, and explore and develop new areas of mutual cooperation, understanding and goodwill; and

  3. To help in the organisation of Indo – German Societies in different parts of the country.

Towards these objectives we organise lectures, symposia and get-togethers. Some of these may be focused on a theme, for example, a few years ago we did a series of lectures on the subject of Indo-German cooperation in science, technology, research and environment, and these were recorded in a book entitled, “ Crossing Borders, Stretching Boundaries“. Some of these are ongoing, like the Wilhelm von Pochhammer Memorial Lecture. And then, there are lectures and symposia, on a wide range of themes of mutual interest to our two countries.

FIGS enjoys the support of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany. Our counterpart, in Germany, is the Deutsch-Indische Gesellschaft.

To achieve it’s objectives FIGS has a membership, which consists of major corporate's and eminent academics, amongst others.